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Our “Pneumatic index” has been widely used since our company’s foundation because of its easy handling and maintenance, and our “cam type index” which uses a steel ball as an element of transfer, is also very popular. Furthermore, our unique non-backlash “ball speed reducer” is a high precision speed reducer which has excellent cost-performance. Our product line-up includes “TCG Runner and Ring”, which is a Rack-and-pinion with a new concept. It has solved long-standing problems, such as backlash and slip which couldn’t be solved with conventional gears for a long time.

  • 2020 NEW PSL
  • 2019 NEW RGU
  • 2019 NEW TCG
  • 2017 NEW Pearldex(PDW series)
  • 2017 NEW RGU series
  • 2016 NEW PSR
  • 2015 NEW MINIDEX