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President Genta Imase

Proposing and creating something new and useful

1In 1977, everything started in a small 6 tatami mat sized garage on my property next to my house. There was only a drawing board, a desk and a phone inside the garage.

With our motto “Big dreams, advanced skills, and an Open mind”, Kamo Seiko’s products have borne fruit in various mechanical elements including “Ball speed reducers” and “TCG runners”, and have been supported by many customers.

The reason that Kamo Seiko continues to remain competitive as a unique development-oriented manufacturer is based around our philosophy of “Proposing and creating something new and useful”, and we have been manufacturing our products while also pursuing originality.

Currently, our world environment is changing dramatically. In an era where diversification is required more and more, we continue to make a strong effort to create unique products while sticking to our own philosophies of “Try to create something that nobody has ever created,” or “Don’t imitate other products”.

Upon extension of our philosophy, it is our goal to establish a strong connection between our customers, partner companies, community and our employees, and to be able to further develop those ties. In order to create products that can contribute to our society, we need to consider these points when creating them. These are my beliefs, and I sincerely hope for advice and feedback from as many people as possible.

Genta Imase

Management philosophy

”We try to imagine what would be new and useful for customers, and then provide such products.
That is the philosophy of Kamo Seiko
Management philosophy
  • We design and create new and useful items,
      develop our products until they achieve the required quality,
        and provide finished products that are widely loved and used for a long time.
  • We strive to improve ourselves by competing with and helping each other.
      We have a feeling of constant gratitude
        which develops and connects our company.
  • We want to continue to contribute to the manufacturing industry all over the world,
      and achieve the well-being of our employees and the advanced development of our company.

Our company vision

Big dreams
We aim to realize our dream of spreading our passion for and manufacturing our unique machine elements all over the world.Advanced skills
Originality is vital to the integrity of our business, and pushes us towards our goals.We take on the challenge to create new technology as we head towards the next generation.Open mind
We hope to achieve a feeling of reciprocity through our work, and to give back to society with a tolerant spirit.