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Air index

Air index

A simple and easy-to-use air actuator with the compactly unitized indexing mechanism.

Air index

1. Indexing completed (at a stop)
The cam piston and the cam cap are in engagement.

2. Indexing in process
When the solenoid valve is switched, the cam piston moves directly to the right (left). When the cam piston is disengaged from the cam cap (follower cap), the cam piston starts engagement with the follower cap (cam cap), and rotates. The rotation of the cam piston is transmitted to the shaft.

3. Indexing completed (at a stop)
The cam piston and the follower cap become in complete engagement, and complete one indexing.

Features (Changing to MINIDEX series)

  • Indexing Time reduction 90% (maximum)
  • Air amount reduction 50%
  • Same size
  • Same abilities
  • Same price

Other series

  • 2020 NEW PSL
  • 2019 NEW RGU
  • 2019 NEW TCG
  • 2017 NEW Pearldex(PDW series)
  • 2017 NEW RGU series
  • 2016 NEW PSR
  • 2015 NEW MINIDEX