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TCG(Trochoid cam gear)

Cam rack

High performance rack arranged trochoidal tooth form in a straight line. By Koyo combining the two on pin provided with a roller which is a rolling contact with the tooth surface, I realize the rotation over linear motion by rolling completely, allowing nimble maneuverability and positioning with high accuracy in non-backlash.

Cam rack

Extendable with use of addition jig.
Capable of high speed rolling of 180 m/minute or more.

Standard length:
 1008 – 1210 comes with one type of L480
 1610-4012 comes with two types, they are L500 and L1000.
  (The 1610 model and 3212 model comes with L512 and L992.)

Other series

  • 2019 NEW RGU
  • 2019 NEW TCG
  • 2017 NEW Pearldex(PDW series)
  • 2017 NEW RGU series
  • 2016 NEW PSR
  • 2015 NEW MINIDEX