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Precision reducer

JFR series (Thin concentric axis speed reducer)

I adopt a cross roller bearing for supporting the output shaft. It is the series that offers thinner, meet the requirements of space-saving.

CBR series (Orthogonal axis speed reducer)

Using a steel ball to the meshing portion, Orthogonal reduction gear that enables backlash Is. By setting the orthogonal motor mounting I realize space saving.

SFP series (TCG for speed reducer)

The cycloid curve of the conventional reducers (BR series) has been improved. The allowable torque has been increased by 1.5 times compared with the same type reducers. The number of the output shaft bearings has been increased to 3 and the radial load has been doubled compared with the same type reducers. This series have taken over the features of non-backlash and high efficiency from our ball reducers of other series.

BR series(Standard concentric axis speed reducer)

Standard model of ball-type speed reducer. I was using a steel ball to the engagement portion Reduction mechanism, backlash, highefficiency and I will achieve low noise. In addition, input shaft shape, A variety of variations, such as the output shaft shape Are available.

BBR series(High reduction ratio speed reducer)

In the two-stage deceleration section, we have made it available to high reduction ratio of 1/100 or more. The connected internally to compact the first-stage and second-stage, we have space-saving. In addition, by combining, high reduction ratio of a few thousandths of 1 can be obtained.

BRA series (Corner speed reducer)

The mounting dimensions of the steppingmotor In the square ball speed reducer to match, Direct mounting of the motor is possible.

Other series

  • 2020 NEW PSL
  • 2019 NEW RGU
  • 2019 NEW TCG
  • 2017 NEW Pearldex(PDW series)
  • 2017 NEW RGU series
  • 2016 NEW PSR
  • 2015 NEW MINIDEX