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Privacy Policy

KAMO SEIKO CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) fully recognizes the importance of protection of personal information of users (hereinafter referred to as “User”) of the services of the KAMO SEIKO Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) and considers that a sound relationship between the Company and Users of the Website can not be achieved without the protection of personal information of such Users. These Personal Information Protection Basic Guidelines set forth necessary provisions for the collection, method of utilization, etc. of personal information by the Website. By setting forth, as follows, kinds, applications and purposes of information collected by the Website, recipients of information disclosed, and methods of handling of information including means of protection of personal information, the Company will strive for appropriate handling of personal information collected from Users.

Regarding handling of personal information of Users

(Compliance with Laws and Regulations)
The Company will, in handling personal information (information which can identify the specific individual; hereinafter the same shall apply) of Users on the Website, comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, other laws and regulations related to protection of personal information and the obligations stipulated in guidelines of the competent minister, as well as the Privacy Policy of the Website.

(Collection and Means of Collection of Personal Information)
The Company will conduct collection of personal information on the Website to the extent necessary for the purpose of utilization stipulated in the next paragraph. The Company will collect personal information from the person or the agent commissioned by the person. The Company will collect personal information by lawful and fair means after obtaining consent of the person.

(Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information)
The Company will, to provide the service of sale of goods and other services on the Website, collect personal information such as names, postal codes, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Users, and utilize such personal information for provision of information related to goods and services, identity confirmation, handling of inquiries, notification of amendment, discontinuation or abolition of services, etc. of the Company, announcement of services provided by the Website, and provision of information related to guidance of various events and campaigns.

(Provision to Third Party of Personal Information)
The Company will strive for the protection of privacy of Users on the Website. The Company will not provide personal information to a third party without consent of the person, except when provision of personal information is requested based on legal grounds by the said User or is required for the protection of the public interest.

(Entrustment of Personal Information)
The Company may entrust to a third party the handling of personal information collected through the Website, to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purpose of utilization and in a case in which the Company recognizes that such third party understands, and has the ability to enforce, the content of these Guidelines. Even in a case in which the Company makes such entrustment to a third party, the Company will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision with regard to the Website, and have such third party perform appropriate duties as an administrator of personal information based on contracts, etc.

(Method of Protection of Personal Information)
The Company will strive to always keep the accuracy of, and update, the content of personal information received through the Website, within the scope of the purpose of utilization thereof, and will take necessary and appropriate security management measures for such personal information in conformity with then-current technical standards for the prevention of loss, fraudulent use, abuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of personal information.

About SSL encryption

On the Website, SSL encryption is used on pages required for making an input of personal information. Online purchase of SSL requires SSL compatible browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, and Netscape Navigator Version 3.0 or over). Use of any such SSL compatible browser enables a User to maintain the confidentiality of personal information transmitted on the Internet. Users are requested to implement measures for the protection of personal information when utilizing the Internet. It is recommended that Users use a password with a combination of characters and figures and frequently change the password.

Cookies and Other Technologies

 To understand the conditions of the utilization of sites, trends of users and hours of access to sites, the Website uses “cookies” normally used on websites of many corporations and other technologies.

* A “cookie” has the technological function of, at the time a User accesses a specific website, sending from a web server to the computer and other terminals used by such User, and saving certain data files, and of, at the time that such User again accesses the same website, enabling a web server to identify the conditions of previous use at the terminals used by such User. Users may invalidate the function of association with cookie data by changing the setting of the browser used by Users so as to refuse receipt of data having cookies and the same function as cookies. However, Users are requested to understand that there are cases where Users are not able to purchase goods or utilize services through such websites.

About collection of information

 On the Website, like many other websites, specific information is automatically collected and saved in log files. Such information includes IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, kinds of browser, ISP (Internet Service Provider), referred /exit pages, operating system, date/time stamps, and clickstream data. On the Website, analysis of trends, management of sites and the collection of tracks of trends of Users are conducted by utilizing the aforesaid information which cannot identify specific individual Users.

Handling of Opinions and Inquiries about Privacy

When sending an opinion or inquiry about disclosure, correction, suspension of utilization (introduction of goods and services), erasure, or other handling of personal information on the Website, Users are requested to use emails (email addresses). The Company will give a reply through the Website as promptly as possible.

For update of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy will be renewed on the Website when necessary. If there is a significant change of the Privacy Policy, the most up-to-date Privacy Policy will also be posted on the Website.

Last Updated: November 1, 2011