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Manufacturing aspirations

How we got our start manufacturing

We spent the first two years on trial and error.
And then, we finally developed our ball speed reducer.

I believed that we could create a backlash-free speed reducer by taking advantage of a steel ball. While it was still being designed, I always kept a ball on me. I was tuned into everything around me, always checking to see if I could take advantage of it or use it for my designs of a speed reducer. Every day, I continued thinking only about the speed reducer, while I was asleep or awake.

I sketched designs on tracing paper and discarded them, over and over again. One day, the arc on a cycloid curve fit perfectly.

From that moment on our commitment to creating products has not changed and will not change in the future.

Our goal is to produce things that have never been thought of until now, things with new value. We don’t want to imitate others.
We will remain an independent manufacturer.

We’d like to produce things that can contribute to society.

There are many different kinds of companies out there. Some companies are good at mass-production. At the same time, there are customers who cannot be satisfied with only mass-manufactured products. Kamo Seiko’s way is to listen to such customers’ compelling needs, and to carefully mold those needs into a shape.

We are always happy when our customers refer to us as a unique manufacturer. We intend to continue giving our best effort while adhering to our policy so that our customers always think that.